Awww! The human and animal bond is so wonderful!

Dr. Jen the vet and Cosette alongside a quote on the human animal bond

When Dr. Jen the vet and Dr. Jason Chatfield are not busy at the farm, in a clinic working on pets, or podcasting, they are sought after guests on other shows.  Recently, Dr. Jen the vet was invited to be a guest on Merck Animal Health’s new Veterinary & Consumer Affairs Team Podcast Series, “Caring for Animals & Creating Trust,” alongside Dr. Taylor Tillery and host, Jane Dukes.  The trio talked all about the relationship between humans and animals and how that relationship has evolved – particularly during COVID.  Did you know humans have relied on animals for centuries?  Yup!  Animals have been our best friend since before it was cool!  In the podcast, Dr. Jen reminds her colleagues that veterinarians should not seek to judge the legitimacy of a client’s bond with their animal, rather they should seek only to provide opportunity for both the client and their animal to live long, happy, healthy lives together – even if that animal is a snake, guinea pig, fish or wart hog!  For even more on the bond between pet owners and unique species, check out Chats with the Chatfields Ep 10!

Click here to listen to the full episode of, “Caring for Animals & Creating Trust,” with Dr. Jen the vet!

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