Dr. Jen the vet in Pet Vet Magazine

Animated version of Dr. Jen the vet, Dr. Jason Chatfield and dr. Luke Gamble riding in a tuk tuk around the world
Chats with the Chatfields Ep 9: Dr. Jason Chatfield, Dr. Luke Gamble, and Dr. Jen the vet in a tuktuk on a global adventure to erase rabies!

We all KNOW that Dr. Jen the vet loves her infectious diseases (and loves preventing them even more!) and we all KNOW that rabies prevention is one of her soap box issues – but did you know that rabies prevention is NOT the reason that the CDC banned the importation of dogs from certain high-rabies risk countries?  Nope!  So, our fearless Dr. Jen dragged out the soap box and opined in Pet Vet Magazine in an article called, “Exploring the Dog Importation Ban (And the Reintroduction of Rabies).” It is a good read and full of interesting facts about dog travel, rabies, and the booming industry of dog resales in the US.  Click here for the full article!

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