Author: Jenifer Chatfield

  • Diabetes is common – and manageable in pets!

    A diagnosis of diabetes is one of the scariest things a pet owner can hear from the vet, yet it is all too common!  Fortunately, diabetes in dogs and cats […]

  • Veterinarians and Animal Care Professionals Partner up!

      Press Release Life-long learning is the backbone for professional success and continued professional growth is only possible with quality continuing education. Veterinarians are no stranger to these concepts. The […]

  • Get some Chatfield Show SWAG!

    That’s right!  There is now an online shop where you can purchase as many Chats with the Chatfields coffee mugs, hoodies, and tchotchkes as your little heart desires!  And, when you […]

  • Dr. Jen the vet and Cosette alongside a quote on the human animal bond

    Awww! The human and animal bond is so wonderful!

    When Dr. Jen the vet and Dr. Jason Chatfield are not busy at the farm, in a clinic working on pets, or podcasting, they are sought after guests on other […]